DD 214 forms are required of veterans when applying for a VA mortgage loan, and, unfortunately, are commonly misplaced over time.

The good news is that losing or misplacing your DD 214 is an easily remedied problem!

For starters, let’s go ahead and define what a DD 214 is and what it is used for:

A DD 214 (short for Defense Department 214) form is issued to military members upon retirement, separation, or discharge from active duty. Also called a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty, this paperwork lists the details of the veteran’s status during the time they changed to inactive and if they left honorably or dishonorably.

DD 214 forms are a vital part of getting a VA loan for those applicants who are no longer in the military. They are required by the federal government in order to prove your qualification.

Remember that a Certificate of Release is not just for getting approved for a VA loan, so it’s generally a good idea to have yours accessible. You can use this paperwork to qualify for a variety of additional veteran benefits.

There are different ways you can acquire this paperwork:

  1. Veterans receive a copy of their DD 214 when they leave active duty. They get their form regardless of the circumstances behind their leaving.
  2. If you are a spouse (note: you can’t be re-married), a parent, or a child or sibling of a veteran, you can get a copy of from either the National Archives or the U.S. Department of Defense.

If you did receive your DD 214 when you left active duty but have misplaced or lost it, you can also get a copy of it through the National Archives or the U.S. Department of Defense.

For veterans, Certificate of Release copies are typically free of charge, although spouses and family might have to pay a nominal fee.

To request a copy, you will first need to fill out Standard Form 180 (also known as SF 180). You can download a copy of it HERE.

After you have filled out both sides of SF 180 you can then either fax or mail it to the address listed on the bottom. Simple enough!

Once you have you DD 214, be sure to confirm that it has the following information:

  • Your complete name during your time of service.
  • Date of birth.
  • Your specific service branch.
  • The dates of your service.
  • Your social security number.
  • Your service number.

As we already mentioned earlier in the article, having a DD 214 form is absolutely essential in applying for and getting approved for a VA loan. If you do not currently possess yours, you should request a copy of it as soon as possible, even if you are not currently shopping for a new mortgage or refinance.

This will ensure that when you do begin the VA loan process your approval won’t be held up waiting for the form to arrive.

Frequently Asked VA Home Loan Questions

Q: How can I obtain proof of military service?

A: Standard Form 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records, is usd to apply for proof of military service regardless of whether you served on regular active duty or in the selected reserves. This request form is not processed by the Veterans Administration. Rather, Standard Form 180 is completed and mailed to the appropriate custodian of military service records. Instructions are provided on the reverse of the form to assist in determining the correct forwarding address.

Q: I have already obtained one VA loan. Can I get another one?

A: Yes, your eligibility is reusable depending on the circumstances. Normally, if you have paid off your prior Vet. Admin. loan and disposed of the property you can have your used eligibility restored for additional use. Also, on a one-time only basis, you my hae your eligibility restored if your prior Vet. Admin. loan has been paid in full but you still own the property.

Q: Is the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran eligible for the home loan benefit?

A: The unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who died on active duty or as the result of a service-connected disability is eligible for the home loan benefit. In addition, a surviving spouse who obtained a Boise IdahoVA home loan with the veteran prior to his or her death (regardless of the cause of the death), may obtain a Vet. Admin. guaranteed interest rate reduction refinance loan.

If you have any questions about a Boise Idaho VA mortgage home loan feel free to contact me.